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Why Humans Are Musical

Why Humans Are Musical

“When several people with legs of roughly the same length move together, we tend to unconsciously move in rhythm. When our footsteps occur simultaneously, a brief interval of silence occurs. In the middle of each stride we can hear our surroundings better. It becomes easier to hear a pursuer, and perhaps easier to conduct a conversation as well,” explains Larsson.

Human legs have their perks. Larsson tells us that the sounds of human legs moving and walking was more predictable, making it easier to listen to nature, the world around them, therefore increasing better chances for survival. Behavior that results in survival value is likely to produce dopamine, a natural “reward molecule.” If this behaviour was rewarding in dangerous environments it may very well have been rewarding for the brain in more safe conditions, leading to actions such as the clapping of hands, the stamping of feet and vocalizing around the campfire. From there it is just a hop, skip and a jump to dance and rhythm.

The hormone dopamine flows freely when we listen to music.

Keep calm and keep singing. 🙂

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