Babies soothed with music therapy


This article really resonated with me. I know it’s true. When I was pregnant, we all sang to my sweet, baby girl all the time. “Parents who sing to their babies, there’s a better bond. They feel closer to their babies,” Murphy shares.

Murphy says, ” Your baby has heard your voice for a long time while they were in the womb, they think you’re the MET opera star. They think you’re the best singer in the world. It’s really all they know and they want to hear that voice because it’s a comfort.”

“When live music is provided, by a music therapist in conjunction with a family, baby’s tend to gain weight faster. It improves their oxygen saturation rate, and in some studies, they’ve been released from the NICU earlier than babies who have not had music therapist working with them,” said Dr. Kathleen Murphy.

2 comments on “Babies soothed with music therapy

  1. My son was born at 23 weeks and docs did not expect him to live but i was in the every day and i would sing to him . nurses showed me that all his stats were much better while i was there with him. He will probably like randy travis and eric Clapton when he gets older

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